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I run this blog because I love to explore new websites.  But why not bring in some extra income along the way . . . please take a look at my Lemonade stand:


I have placed products on there that I think are a good buy.  If there is anything you are about to buy online, please let me know what it is, I will put it on my stand and you can purchase it there.  It’s not a whole lot of money but I am reviewing it for the site and thought I would give it a whirl.  Please support the sait by visiting (and maybe buying something).

Thanks . . .  Other ways to support:

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3 thoughts on “Please Help Support My Site”

  1. Hello,

    Could you review my deals website

    Here is some info about the website: is a social bargain hunting website that allows users to submit the shopping deals that they have found. Users also get to vote to decide the best deals, which are sorted in the main page based on their popularity.
    The service is similar to but deals with shopping deals instead of news. allows people to find good deals on electronics, clothing, toys, books and much more.


  2. Mary F. said:

    Why not just use Google Adsense to make money on your blog?

  3. wana to share a link with me it will help your site and offcourse best for me great site u have congratulation u can earn more than 1000$per month with this site

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