Website Review – One Shoe Diaries


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Photographers are a strange bunch.  My old neighbor where my wife and I rented our first apartment was a photographer and although he was extremely nice, he was definitely a little strange.  Of course, they will even admit it to you if you just ask.  Or you can see it for yourself at One Shoe Diaries.  The funny thing is, their work is always oddly intriguing but you have to wonder why in the world one would want to photo shoes left on the side of the rode.  As someone with a very overactive imagination, I can assure you that it’s fun to see the shoe and try to come up with you might have worn them or what was the situation that led to them shedding the one shoe.  I am sure that’s what Randy and Jen had in mind when they decided to try this.  So in essence the site is a photo essay of all the one shoes they have found.  My personal favorite is the shoe that was found in the middle of a road which had recently been relined with new traffic patterns, and the guys just painted over the shoe.  Reminds me of the story when I lived in PA where a road crew paved over a dead deer. Sad but kinda funny.  If you find the site as funny as I do, please consider the coffee table book, which I think is a fantastic idea, and what a conversation starter.  I can imagine my wife and I reading the book and trying to come up with whys and hows of shoe.  Personally I have always been intrigued by clothes left for dead at the Laundromat, maybe that could be their next site.



Website Review – Kayak


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Everyone has heard of Orbitz and Travelocity and Priceline, but sometimes even they don’t have the best deals.  Or maybe you just want one site that checks all the sites including those above as well as about 140 more to find the best possible price. Well there is a website that can do it and it’s Kayak.  This was actually recommended to me by my officemate who told me that this is the best place to find the cheapest price.  I know everyone has one of these sites and that your site might very well be better that Kayak, but at least you know there is another option.  The website is laid out very simply, where you enter your travel information and press enter.  From there, Kayak tries to find you the best site for the cheapest price.  Not a bad little site and great to keep mind of for traveling.  They also handle lodging and cars as well as cruises so a very useful tool on the web.


Website Review – Ron Paul 2008


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That’s right, I am about to throw some politics your way. The truth is our country has been spiraling downward for 7 years now (thanks G-Dub) but we are finally at a crossroads. We can be socialized (Hillary Clinton), or we can be led by the blind (Obama), or we can have church and state together (Huckabee), or be continue our pointless war (McCain). Out of the bunch I guess I would vote for Clinton. But Ron Paul if he actually stands behind his promises, would be a better asset for America. Status quo is no longer an option for America, the dollar is as weak as it has ever been, many international online sites are using the Euro instead of the dollar. If we continue, our dollar will be worth less than the Canadian dollar. We need to fix our own problems in the US and not the problems of third world nations. Our health care is ridiculous the dependence on foreign oil is a serious problem. Our schools are becoming more and more worthless. Ron Paul has a vision, is it the right vision? I don’t know and can’t tell you, but I do know one thing, we are not headed in the right direction with our current government. I am not asking you to follow Ron Paul blindly, go to his website and read his writings and examine his views. If you agree with him, then vote for him, if not, then find someone who will lead us in the right direction. Either way, become a more informed voter.

I shall now get off my soapbox.


Website Review – Crime Library


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I was reading about DB Cooper today on the Yahoo homepage and noticed that they opened up his case again.  I find his crime of hi-jacking a 727 very interesting, for two reasons, it was because of this that we now have metal detectors in airports, and they never found any trace of him or the money.  Years ago, I watched the movie “Adventures of DB Cooper” with my dad and always found the story to be amazing.  A man under the alias of Dan Cooper gets on a 30 minute plane ride, hi-jacks the plane, extorts 200,000 dollars (in 20 dollar bills adding about 21 pounds to his body), jumps out of the plane and is never seen again.  The FBI declared him dead, but no body was ever found.  Of course the same FBI declared the men who escaped from Alcatraz dead too without a body to go with it.  So I’m sending you to Court TV’s Crime Library which is an incredibly interesting site which goes over every major crime in the last couple of centuries.

The website has a vast database of information on each murder or crime in the past 2 centuries.  I came across this website before when searching a high school classmate of mine who murdered her husband.  You may remember Melanie McGuire who killed and hacked up her husband, put him in suitcases and dumped him in the ocean, only to have the suitcases wash ashore in Virginia Beach.  I still find it incredibly hard to believe that she did it.  But she was tried and convicted and although they don’t always get it right, this time they might have.

Anyways,  Crime Library is an excellent source of information when trying to find out about famous crimes.  Everyone from Manson to Borden is addressed as well as current crimes.


Website Review – Anti-Masonry


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One of the things I have noticed about my blog is how many people enjoy the conspiracy websites that I have suggested.  One thing about conspiracies is that it always falls back to the Freemasons.  So I have started to look for websites that explain exactly what the Freemasons do.  Interestingly enough I have always lived near a Freemason’s lodge.  In fact when I was living in Pa I lived right next door to a huge Freemason temple.  I guess thats why I have always been interested in the Freemason’s organization.  Anti-Masonry is a website taht sheds some light on the Freemasons.  Now I will say that their views are quite slanted to an evil organization.  The sight affers insight into what kind of an organization it is and also what conspiracies are built around the Freemason’s group.  I personally know of only one Freemason, but he was never willing to tell me anything about the organization.  I think that’s why I delved into the group more.  Their hand is on nearly every peice of US currancy, and many of today’s and yesterday’s leaders were part of the Freemason organization.  Someday we may learn all the secrets but for now Anti-Masonry is an excellent primer to learn everything about the Freemasons.


New Years Wishes on New York Time Square Confetti


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I’m sure if you are old enough to read this blog, you have probably watched the ball drop in Times Square in New York City.  I remember going in myself when I was a younger Chemgod, and I just remember all this confetti, just streaming down, with no end in sight.  Well this year as you may have heard, you person message can be put on one confetti strand. With my luck it’ll go right down the sewar.  So go to the confetti site and get your message / resolution out for the upcoming year.

Enjoy your New Year’s eve and remember not to drink and drive!

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Website Review – Deal Shouter


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I know the holidays have passed and the money has been spent, but everyone likes an after holiday sale and the best place to find the sails are at various deal websites.  One of which is Deal Shouter.  This website was actually recommended to me through one of our fellow readers.  Very well organized site, that lets you pick a category, perform a search or just browse the most popular deals.  Membership allows you to vote on which deal is better as well as post new deals.  I like using these sites just to see if anything I want to buy is discounted anywhere or if there’s a place that has free shipping.  Sometimes you’ll even get one of those sweet online coupon deals which I love to find.  Anyways, add Deal Shouter to your list of deal websites and have fun bargain hunting.


Website Review – Northpole


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Hi everyone and have yourself a very Merry Christmas.  How could I post today and not review and Christmas related website?  So here it is Northpole basically, it’s everything Christmas and very kid friendly. I was trying to find something that is the most Christmassy and I think this is it. From the main page you can visit: villiage, den, santa’s workshop, toyshop, mail room, clubhouse, reindeer barn, kitchen and elf pal academy.  Like I said earlier, the site is kid friendly, but also it’s great for parents and teachers.  So after all the eggnog has been drank, the presents opened, and the ham eaten, head on over the the Northpole and get ready for next year.