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Now I know what you are thinking, WordPress is not going to like this, but there is another web based blog site out there where you also don’t need to know programming. It’s called Tumblr.  I get a lot of people asking me is it hard to blog? How long do you take out of each day to blog? Is it hard to set up the posts?  The answers are very simple.  It is incredibly easy to blog, sites like WordPress and Tumblr have done all the hard work for you, they have great templates (which you can change if you want), the navigation in the website is a piece of cake and the help sections are fantastic. Tumblr has more templates than WordPress and from what I could tell is even easier to use (if that is possible).  I like the step by step guide in setting up a blog, so much so that I think even my mom could set up her own blog on this.  Not only is it easy to set up one blog but you can have multiple blogs like me (shamelss plug for other blog coming up), my other blog is BadWax. Told you it was shameless.  If you have always wanted to try out a blog and see if it’s right for you, try it on Tumblr.