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Sometimes you surf the webs and think to yourself, holy crap, that is the easiest idea for a website I have ever seen, why didn’t I think of that? The site I most recently found myself wondering that statement out loud was Lemonade.  When I was a very young chemgod, my friends and I started a lemonade stand on the conor of our street.  We made about 5 bucks a day and even had repreat business.  I still stop at lemonade stands when I can because it gives the kid a thrill to actually have a customer.  The price has gone up since I had one.  Now it’s a buck a cup, instead of our generous 25 cents.  But still it teaches children at a young age, how to run a business.  Unfortunately my friends and I also learned backstabbing and money stealing in the process.  One of the guys, set up his own stand, another one just took the money and ran. 

With this Lemonade stand you pick what you want to sell and keep refering people to it.  I’m hoping that you will go to my stand and buy stuff so I know people care about my website (nice ploy there huh).  But in reality if you go to their homepage you can set up your very own stand and reap the pennies on the product they give you.  What’s cool is that there are millions of products to choose from, so my shop should be changing on a week to week basis.  If there is anything you want me to put on there please email me at chemgod1000@yahoo.com.  It’s a great website, very simple to navigate and I will update further after a sale is made.