The new top 10 list has been put up, also the reviewed links page has been deleted. I think I am going to revamp that at some point, but it might just be used for the most popular sites. The truth is I haven’t updated it in two months and the list was going to need a second page very soon. Any ideas on how I could make it better let me know.

Also added my Lemonade stand on my promote / support this blog. Please feel free to let me know what you want on there. It doesn’t give me much but at least its something. I tried to put only cheap / good deals on there. So you give to the blog and get something in return 🙂

I have also started a second blog entitled Awesomely Bad Wax, this site will chronicle my adventures in the world of sports card collecting.  Since I seem to only buy awful packs of cards, I thought I would chronicle just how bad each pack was.  I plan to write everyday on this blog as well.