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I am a card collector.  This is not very interesting on the surface, but if you are married, you would understand that this is a big deal.  You see my wife does not like me to “collect” anything.  Basically if it’s mine and it takes up space, it’s bad.  Meanwhile she has a suitcase (I’m not lying here) of scrapbooking tools.  So when I moved in with her and she saw my collection of cards, she told me they need to find a home (meaning: bury them where I won’t see them).  This created the man room in my house.  I took every card worth 50 bucks or more and put them in a bolted down safe.  Then I took every insert card I have ever gotten and placed them in a 2000 card box.  My sets got stacked in the closet.  This left my autographed bats.  I am very compulsive when I get into things and sometime in the early part of this decade every game I went to I had to get autographs, to make matters worse I started getting them on wooden bats.  Now I have almost 20 bats signed and no place to put them other than in a corner of a closet.

This brings me to the Baseball Card Blog.  Since I love baseball cards. I love sharing my points of view regarding them with other card collectors.  Although I haven’t made comments on this site yet, I have to tell you I love the ideas he has for his blog and the reader participation is pretty good too.  I have long wanted to start a baseball card blog up but stopped because, I my wife doesn’t want me to get more cards.  Maybe in this upcoming year I will try and do something.  It probably won’t be a daily blog but we can see what we can do.

Anyways back to the Baseball Card Blog, like I said very imaginative.  Some of the things that I like are the best of checklists. This is called the 792 (amount of cards Topp sets had in the 80’s) and he picks out the best card for each number in the set. Another great bit that is done is the show me your worst cards.  I particularly like cards with bad cuts.  I have to send in my 1960 Mickey Mantle card in pristine condition except for a huge scribble mark on the back (I believe it was someone trying to get a pen to write).  Anyhoo go ahead over there and relive your card collecting youth.