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Photographers are a strange bunch.  My old neighbor where my wife and I rented our first apartment was a photographer and although he was extremely nice, he was definitely a little strange.  Of course, they will even admit it to you if you just ask.  Or you can see it for yourself at One Shoe Diaries.  The funny thing is, their work is always oddly intriguing but you have to wonder why in the world one would want to photo shoes left on the side of the rode.  As someone with a very overactive imagination, I can assure you that it’s fun to see the shoe and try to come up with you might have worn them or what was the situation that led to them shedding the one shoe.  I am sure that’s what Randy and Jen had in mind when they decided to try this.  So in essence the site is a photo essay of all the one shoes they have found.  My personal favorite is the shoe that was found in the middle of a road which had recently been relined with new traffic patterns, and the guys just painted over the shoe.  Reminds me of the story when I lived in PA where a road crew paved over a dead deer. Sad but kinda funny.  If you find the site as funny as I do, please consider the coffee table book, which I think is a fantastic idea, and what a conversation starter.  I can imagine my wife and I reading the book and trying to come up with whys and hows of shoe.  Personally I have always been intrigued by clothes left for dead at the Laundromat, maybe that could be their next site.