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Everyone has heard of Orbitz and Travelocity and Priceline, but sometimes even they don’t have the best deals.  Or maybe you just want one site that checks all the sites including those above as well as about 140 more to find the best possible price. Well there is a website that can do it and it’s Kayak.  This was actually recommended to me by my officemate who told me that this is the best place to find the cheapest price.  I know everyone has one of these sites and that your site might very well be better that Kayak, but at least you know there is another option.  The website is laid out very simply, where you enter your travel information and press enter.  From there, Kayak tries to find you the best site for the cheapest price.  Not a bad little site and great to keep mind of for traveling.  They also handle lodging and cars as well as cruises so a very useful tool on the web.