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That’s right, I am about to throw some politics your way. The truth is our country has been spiraling downward for 7 years now (thanks G-Dub) but we are finally at a crossroads. We can be socialized (Hillary Clinton), or we can be led by the blind (Obama), or we can have church and state together (Huckabee), or be continue our pointless war (McCain). Out of the bunch I guess I would vote for Clinton. But Ron Paul if he actually stands behind his promises, would be a better asset for America. Status quo is no longer an option for America, the dollar is as weak as it has ever been, many international online sites are using the Euro instead of the dollar. If we continue, our dollar will be worth less than the Canadian dollar. We need to fix our own problems in the US and not the problems of third world nations. Our health care is ridiculous the dependence on foreign oil is a serious problem. Our schools are becoming more and more worthless. Ron Paul has a vision, is it the right vision? I don’t know and can’t tell you, but I do know one thing, we are not headed in the right direction with our current government. I am not asking you to follow Ron Paul blindly, go to his website and read his writings and examine his views. If you agree with him, then vote for him, if not, then find someone who will lead us in the right direction. Either way, become a more informed voter.

I shall now get off my soapbox.