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I was reading about DB Cooper today on the Yahoo homepage and noticed that they opened up his case again.  I find his crime of hi-jacking a 727 very interesting, for two reasons, it was because of this that we now have metal detectors in airports, and they never found any trace of him or the money.  Years ago, I watched the movie “Adventures of DB Cooper” with my dad and always found the story to be amazing.  A man under the alias of Dan Cooper gets on a 30 minute plane ride, hi-jacks the plane, extorts 200,000 dollars (in 20 dollar bills adding about 21 pounds to his body), jumps out of the plane and is never seen again.  The FBI declared him dead, but no body was ever found.  Of course the same FBI declared the men who escaped from Alcatraz dead too without a body to go with it.  So I’m sending you to Court TV’s Crime Library which is an incredibly interesting site which goes over every major crime in the last couple of centuries.

The website has a vast database of information on each murder or crime in the past 2 centuries.  I came across this website before when searching a high school classmate of mine who murdered her husband.  You may remember Melanie McGuire who killed and hacked up her husband, put him in suitcases and dumped him in the ocean, only to have the suitcases wash ashore in Virginia Beach.  I still find it incredibly hard to believe that she did it.  But she was tried and convicted and although they don’t always get it right, this time they might have.

Anyways,  Crime Library is an excellent source of information when trying to find out about famous crimes.  Everyone from Manson to Borden is addressed as well as current crimes.