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One of the things I have noticed about my blog is how many people enjoy the conspiracy websites that I have suggested.  One thing about conspiracies is that it always falls back to the Freemasons.  So I have started to look for websites that explain exactly what the Freemasons do.  Interestingly enough I have always lived near a Freemason’s lodge.  In fact when I was living in Pa I lived right next door to a huge Freemason temple.  I guess thats why I have always been interested in the Freemason’s organization.  Anti-Masonry is a website taht sheds some light on the Freemasons.  Now I will say that their views are quite slanted to an evil organization.  The sight affers insight into what kind of an organization it is and also what conspiracies are built around the Freemason’s group.  I personally know of only one Freemason, but he was never willing to tell me anything about the organization.  I think that’s why I delved into the group more.  Their hand is on nearly every peice of US currancy, and many of today’s and yesterday’s leaders were part of the Freemason organization.  Someday we may learn all the secrets but for now Anti-Masonry is an excellent primer to learn everything about the Freemasons.