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Usually after a long day at work at our respective jobs, my wife sit and talk about what we hate.  Trust me this list is long, so I thought about starting my own blog talking about things I hate and why I hate them.  Then I stumbled across I Hate This! Which is a daily blog about hating everything.  I’ve read a bunch of her entries and they are hysterical.  She works in a toy store, so you know she has thick skin, but toy store in Christmas, I must bow to her because I know I would never have that kind of patience.  Some of her titles of her blogs are:

– I hate Christmas

– I hate Dallas Green’s voice

– I hate TV

– I hate those who waste gas

Lot’s of hate from this person.  That’s OK in my book, it might be preventing her from going postal.  Reminds me of the Wekkly World News Ed Anger editorials and I like. Funnel your rage through her blog, who knows it might even calm you down.