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OK so you own a home and you have an idea of how much it’s worth, but you would like to get a better estimate.  Enter Zillow.  Actually I cam across this website because I was looking for a good picture of my childhood home.  Type in the adress, and walla your z-estimate (the estimated value of your home) comes up and sometimes, they offer a birds eye view of the property.  I’m not talking a sattalite picture ala google / yahoo maps, but a helicopter view from the side of your house.  How cool is that.  Now alot of the US is not covered by this bird’s eye view (especially if your house is new construction) but the older houses and basically most of the northeast is covered by this website.  Basically, this is very similar to what a realitor uses when trying to determine comparibles (comps) in the area where you are looking.  So say you are looking for a house and have X amount of dollars to stay around.  You can enter that price range and a zipcode and you can find all the houses for sale in that range.  Or even better, find the area in each city you are looking in where the houses match your price range.  It’s a very ahndy tool to have and best of al . . . .it’s FOC (free of charge).  So have a look and enjoy!