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Everyone in their lifetime will have at least one crazy roommate.  If it hasn’t happened in your life yet, trust me it will.  I have actually had 2 crazy roommates.  My favorite . . . let me call her M, charged me for utilities, 3 months after I moved out, then reported me to collection agents to collect the money.  I know you are thinking, why would she do that?  Well M and I never saw eye to eye, and in the end I had to move out, but I told her that I would pay for one month’s rent and utilities since I only gave her one month’s notice.  She took this to mean that she can collect from me until she finds a new roommate.  Nothing like getting nasty phone calls at work that I owe 500 bucks (even though I don’t).  It all finally ended about 6 months after I left and I was remitting the 500 bucks in one dollar a month installments.  She gave up after 3 months and told me to perform an action on myself that is nearly impossible.  Anyways the reason I brought this up was that I found a blog today that reminds me of my clashes with M it’s My Crazy Roommate.  There are lots of posts to keep you fully amused I found myself laughing out loud several times.  It’s just nice to know that some things are always the same, crazy roommates.