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As I know I’ve stated earlier, I am a big video game player.  I still have the following consoles and they all work:

Sega Genesis

Sega Dreamcast

Atari 2600

Nintendo NES

Nintendo SNES

Nintendo 64

Nintendo Game Cube



xbox 360

I don’t have a Wii mainly because if I wanted to exercise while I play, I would go jogging and not play video games. To me the idea behind video game play is to forget about what’s going on in your life and just zone out.  That’s why I love when people put together great video game websites, that are easy to navigate and fun / interesting to read.  Take Ninendome for example.  Sure it’s a blog, but the problem with most blogs are that they can be to wordy and BORING.  Which is why I try to stay under 200 words per post.  Back to Ninendome, basically it is everything Nintendo.  Anywhere the Nintendo name is used or new games or just any news relating to Nintendo, the blog is there covering it.  So if you want to know some of the latest Nintendo news, take a look see!