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After watching the last week’s show of Journeyman, I was surprised at just how awful the series potential cliffhangers are going to be.  I mean I could care less about Jack and his Leah Thompson look-alike girlfriend, and the fact she is pregnant.  It doesn’t do anything for the show.  Actually now that Jack nows about Dan’s abilities (man they popped the cork on that one fast), who cares about Jack.  I don’t see good things ahead for this show, as they seem to be wrapping all the story lines up.  If it does survive to next season, I would love to see move about Livia’s life in the 40’s.  Explore other possible journeymen, have them try to figure out why they do this?  Who controls it?  This has the makings of a great show.  Quantum Leap went five seasons, I can easily see this having enough storylines to keep going.  I will say that I like the shift in missions where he is now affecting things in his life.  That probably should have been the way since the begining.  Either that or a nice mixture of saving other people’s lives (who will later play a part in his life) .

Other things I would love to have explored is Dr. Langley, and what does he know?  What can he do?  Also is there a Journeyman who is from the future, where at some point Dan will run into him / her.  Some sites are talking about Livia leaving the show and how the show preluded this when she accepted a marriage proposal, but I think that would be ludacris since she is one of the few reasons people watch the show.

 So finally, since it does look like this show will either get cancelled after December or best case scenario, after the first season ends, will it end up on a channel like Sci Fi?  Unfortunately that usually has a negative effect on shows, take one of my other favorite shows “Sliders”.  They got a hold of that after Fox canned it and killed the show.  One last thought which has nothing to do with Journeyman . . . When will 7 days (UPN show staring Jonathan LaPaglia) ever make it to DVD?

Well that’s enough grandstanding for today.  Watch Journeyman so it doesn’t get cancelled.