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I have been deciding internally for weeks now if I should post this site.  I mean on one hand it’s a great site for deals on sports cards.  On the other hand, it completely outs me as a sports card and memoribilia geek.  It goes like this, you are at work and you turn to one of your friends, who you are comfortable with and say, I found this great site for buying baseball cards.  He then looks at you and asks your age.  Then you are the butt of jokes, for days / weeks / months to come.  That’s why I perfer to stay in the closet when it comes to displaying my fondness for collecting cards.  My wife knows, and hates my addiction, my family also knows (my dad made me the collector animal I am today).  Now I have outed myself to you, I chemgod and a compuksive card buying fool.  And what not to like about Totally-Cards,  they throw cards on 50% of Beckett price, when they sell, the next cards go on.  It’s a card collector’s dream, like Woot for car collectors.  So dust off your binders and get your lucite cases ready cause here come some seriously great deals.