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It was 1984 and I was in eighth grade.  I had an Apple IIc but all my friends had the Commodore 64.  The internet, although around at the time, was not really accessible by the public.  We had our little BBS (Bulliten Board Systems) and everyone of us was a Sysop.  Oh the good old days.  We all considered ourselves hackers, but reality was we were just suburban kids, thinking too much of ourselves.  Anyways, a year later, I got my C64  and I was cool with my friends.  This was the first real gaming system and was the cart before the Nintendo.  A few days ago I showed you the beauty of Nintendo8.com.  Well today you get to try out C64.com, a website dedicated to the C64 and even has playable games.   When I first saw the site I was amazed at how they got the games to even play, but they did.  The graphics are awful, but the games were so much fun. My personal favorite was Ye’ar-Kung Fu.  I played that game for hours and hours at a time.  I consider it the pre-curser to Mortal Combat.  Have yourself some nostalgic fun at C64.com.