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If you are anything like me, you might be involved in your company softball team or league.  Well I first started playing company softball back in 1995.  The problem was, that we were all new to the city softball league, we went out bought some cheap bats, and promptly lost our first game 51-2, stopped after 2 innings.  Well we have come a long way since then.  Gone are the 14.99 Walmart specials, in it’s place, some very nice DeMarini bats, and wouldn’t you know it, our averages went up, hit went further, and games lasted all 6 innings.  Well I wish I knew Just Grand Slams was around before we lost our first clunker, we wou.ld have had some serious softball wear! Take today for instance, it’s 2 for one on DeMarini bats.  All I can say is wow, 2 bats, 89 bucks, that’s half the price of what one bat should cost!