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I like a good conspiracy theory.  Any book centering around a solid conspiracy theory, I am all over, so you know I love the Dan Brown books, but lately I’ve been looking around the internet for some good conspiracy sites, so this is just one of the many I have found and will pass along to you.  First off, a good conspiracy site has to have something on 9/11, JFK, and RFK assassinations, and some Freemasons stories.  Check, check and check the website whatreallyhappened covers all the bases and give solid arguments on major conspiracies.  Are they right? Who knows?  All I know is that it is a blast to read and always keeps me coming back for more.  In short, I do believe in the government’s misinformation engine.  I am sure it exists, to what extent I don’t know, and I do believe that the majority of people in the US are not ready to hear all the truths.  I don’t look to judge the people behind the conspiracies, because if it’s true, there is probably good reason it happened, if not, then no harm no foul.  So take a look at this website and make up your own mind to the world of conspiracy theories.