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Let’s go back to a time of innocence. OK well not quite so innocent, it was December 1989, my freshman year of college. I had this weird roommate named Seth and participated in a group called Big brothers / big sisters. He was a big brother, anyhoo, one day my other roommate and I (I hate 3 roommates that year), came home and saw a Nintendo laying in front of the TV and this kid (Seth’s little “brother”) was playing it, my friend and I were mesmorized. We were both recovering Atari 2600 addicts and really nothing filled that void once that console went in the crapper. I mean we had the C64, and the games were OK but the play was though cause the joysticks sucked. But there it was, a Nintendo NES, we watched the kid play Ninja Gaiden for a few minutes, then he and Seth had to go out. The second the door shut, my friend and I were on there playing Nija Gaiden. We called up all our friends and for the next 10 hours proceeded to try and beat the game. Just as we were about to beat it Seth came back and said he had to return it the the video store. We decided that day we would go out and buy the NES, bought 3 games too, Mega Man, RoboCop, and Ninja Gaiden. I seriously can’t count how many hours were wasted that year playing the NES but god it was wonderful. It is my proud pleasure to bring you one of the best sites I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing:


Everyday a new Nintendo game is put up in it’s archive section for you to play. I am warning you right now, this site will suck you into an endless pit of 8 bit heaven. With that warning I implore you to go forth and play every 8 bit game for the NES ever made. Are you as excited about this site as I am?