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I love throwing you out a game that is instantly addicting.  My last one was Johnny Rocketfingers
this time it’s Doodle.  It uses the line rider technology where the game takes place on a sheet of notebook paper and the levels are “drawn” in.  Using the arrow keys and the space bar, you must negotiate each round which is a little puzzle.  The enemies are drawn in and every time you kill one the eraser comes out and erases the enemy.  It’s actually very amusing to watch.  Within a minute I mastered the controls, and within 5 minutes I was addicted. Below is a screen shot:


After seeing what I am talking about, it’s easier to understand.  The first few levels are really easy, then there are more and more enemies and jumping that needs to be done.  Don’t get flustered, just take your time and you can advance far in this game.  So go play but try not to get too addicted.