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Well everyone, it’s CYBER MONDAY! Since everyone can’t get enough shopping, it’s time to vacuum out your wallets today as well.  So here’s the question, the web is huge, there are millions of cyber stores.  You can either listen by word of mouth as to where the biggest sales are or (and you knw this was coming) you can go to Deals of America (DOA since I’m morbid and lazy).  Here is my feeling on sites like these, they have to be clutter – free and easy to navigate. Well for DOA it’s check and check.  When signing on to the home page, you are presented with a list of deals going on right now.  The site is updated hourly so no problem finding good deals throughout the day.  Actually this site makes finding bargains a breeze. Personally I needed some 2GB SD cards, and I found a 2 for 25 bucks deal with free shipping.  I think that might beat out Ebay.  How about a 22 inch LCD monitor for 180 + free shipping.  Need a bluetooth headset? How about 4 bucks for a Jabra (free shipping).  God bless no middleman!  See if you agree that this site is definitely worth a visit.