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I know I say this a lot but I can’t believe it, there are 22 hat-a-day websites.  I know! How freaking crazy is that.  I guess there are a lot of losers like me who love their hats.  This one is called Hatdaddy.  It takes a slightly different approach than hat-a-day.  Each day there is a new hat put up on the site.  The price starts at $22.95 and every hour or so the price goes down, until the price is free.  Shipping is always $5.  The hats are pretty cool, maybe an older design, but a hat is a hat, if you like the team you don’t care about the design.  Right now I am looking at a golf resort’s hat and it’s at $3.99, I wonder when it will be free? Enjoy this 2 – hat site day.