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A few years ago, while listening to a local station in Raleigh, I heard this story about a new Football League.  I am always for new leagues, I loved the USFL, been to a few Arena Football games, I’ve watched NFL Europe, but something has always been missing.  Well someone came up with a great idea, the country loves college football rivalries and what happens to those players that were great in college, but couldn’t make it in the pros?  They fade away, but then came the All American Football League (AAFL).  The idea is interesting, only players receiving a 4 year degree from college can play. There are 6 teams:







Each team has the rights to the players from their state, then there will be a draft to allocate the remaining players.  I think initially this might not be a spectacular league, but give it two more years so that it can get current talent and I think you are going to be impressed with the product.  The people behind the league are former school presidents, athletic directors, players, and coaches.  I am a little bummed that they didn’t put any teams in North Carolina, but I think they said that if there is enough interest they are looking to expand for next year.  Some of the former players that are going to play in the league that I recognized were:

Chris Leak

Eric Crouch

Clint Stoener

Chris Doering

Scott Dreisbach

I think this should be interesting to watch and if the rivalries keep up it should do very well since it isn’t interfering with the NFL season, you have all the NFL fans attention.  We’ll see how it tackles baseball since it runs from April to June.