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You all know how much I love flash games.  Paul and Dave’s Novel Concepts, is a blog where the talk about their upcoming games and also the games they currently have.  At first glance you want to just pass on this blog, as it’s very plain not a lot of flash (no pun intended) but just read it and see what these guys have done.  It simply can’t be missed.  I am going to post seperate entries as to their games but I really wanted to give everyone a heads up as to the blog.  Here is a list of the games they have developed:

Flash Circle TD

Vector TD

Flash Element TD

Desktop TD

B asically TD stands for Tower Defense.  Where you insert towers on the board and they shoot at your enemies Hit, them enough times and they die, but you always have to upgrade your defenses and add more because the enemies become difficult to kill and sometimes they get through, enough get through and your game is over.  Play it once and you will loose yourself in the game.