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I am up in New Jersey for a few days and went to a restaurant last night that may be one of the best of it’s kind in the USA.  I don’t often rave about restaurants, but if you are within an hour’s driving distance of Edison, NJ.  You owe it to yourself to visit Harold’s Famous New York Deli Restaurant.  It’s been around for decades, it’s in the middle of an industrial park, you probably will wait up to an hour for a table and is at the bottom floor of a hotel.  Those are the draw backs, however the sandwiches are HUGE, I can say that but it doesn’t do it justice.  Imagine a cheese steak the size of on NFL linebacker’s forearm, using about 4 pounds of steak, a package of american cheese (16 slices) at lease a whole onion and a whole pepper, on a LOAF of bread, now you are getting an idea. Sure it’s 23 dollars, but i can easily feed 3 big appetite people and 4 – 5 lightweights.  The other thing we had was the world famous cornbeef 40 bucks, could easily feed 8 people.  easily 12 pounds of cornbeef and the taste is incredible.  Those 2 meals allowed the four of us to bring home enough for 2 more meals each.  Warm ups is the worlds largest pickle bar, which there is usually a HUGE line for and just in case you aren’t full the cakes are big as well, a “slice” of cake can easily feed 3-4 people.  A Canoli “whole” can feel an army.  It’s without a doubt worth the trip and you will have a doggy bag after the meal.

Please leave comments if you have visited and let people know I’m not too insane!