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Since I’m a Yankee fan this is a tough one for me to review, but when I read Curt Shilling’s blog 38 Pitches, it’s a very interesting read. Curt has never had a problem sharing his emotions. I’m sure you’ve heard him call out various teammates and rivals. He tells what it’s like pitching in a MLB game. Things you don’t think about. Currently he is going though the free agency process, something he has never experienced before, so it’s always interesting what it’s like for a hired gun in pro baseball. He should be one of the best pitching free agents available this winter, so he should have lots to write about. Even though I am a Yankee fan, I still have a lot of respect for Schilling, I enjoyed watching him pitch for the Phillies and D-Backs. Have some fun seeing what transpires this winter and what will probably be his last season.