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I went to school at the University of Arizona, not a football school by any stretch of the imagination (except when Teddy Bruschi was there and we ended up ranked #2 in the nation).  Lately though it’s been pretty tough to stomach, especially working with a bunch of SEC folks.  I found Fanblogs 2 days ago and have been going through it’s content.  A very well organized site, which gives you news and information on college football.  The people writing the blog, definitely know there stuff and are on top of every piece of news surrounding college football.  Plus some of the articles are actually fairly funny to read.  But definitely a stop source for all your college football needs.  The site is broken down as follows:

– By Conference

– By Division

– Has all the rankings

– Has all the Conference alignments

– Has tons of Notre Dame football information

So if you are into college football as some of my friends are down here in the south, then definitely head on over the Fanblogs and get the news you need about your team.