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So many people liked the Last.fm website, that I decided to do another music player post, this time about Finetune.  This one works a lot like your Ipod and not like a radio station.  You, can type in a band name, and songs in similar taste will start playing.  That is where the comparison to Last.fm stops.  Once you register (it’s free), you can search bands and add tracks to your play list.  Then download the music player and your play lists can be played on that.  So in essence, music you may not have a disc to, can be played on your desktop anytime you want it.  You can also embed your playlist in your blog or myspace page (I won’t force you to listen to my tastes).  Here is what the music player looks like:


Remember, when you register start to fill up your playlist.  You have to have at least 45 songs (they can fill in enough, if you can’t find 45 right away).  The only drawback is no more than 3 songs from one artist.  But it’s a great way to play music on your computer, when you aren’t allowed to have itunes on your work computer.