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It seems every time you turn on sportscenter, there is another athlete who has gotten himself or herself in trouble.  It seems that now more than ever we see jocks constantly getting in trouble, apparently so much that there is a full time website monitoring all of this, Bad Jocks.  I like to check this site out about twice a week to see has gotten themselves into trouble now. Sometimes the story is so ridiculous that you can’t even imagine that it’s happened, like this one:

Little League Coach Beaten by Dad and His Brother For Benching Foul-Mouthed 11-Year-Old Player – Long Island Little League coach James Edge thought he was doing the right thing when he benched a young player who repeatedly cursed during batting practice. Wrong! The upset boy then called his father Frank Basile, 48, (mug shot, right, with obligatory poofy hair) who soon arrived at the ballpark with his brother Roger Basile, 43, and the stocky pair allegedly took turns beating up the coach in front of his players. Said Edge, “This lunatic father and brother came running out from the parking lot and viciously attacked me on the mound. I thought I was in the Twilight Zone. … The kids were crying.” The pummeling was severe enough to send the coach to the hospital. If the name Frank Basile sounds familiar to sports fans, he is best known around  town for the tag-team beating he and former New York Jet Mark Gastineau allegedly gave a fan at a restaurant in Island Park back in 1991. (NY Daily News) According to the NY Post, the bothers owned an infamous, “mobbed-up Long Island restaurant.”

So head on over and see who did what now.