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I’ve actually been real lucky in my life.  I actually enjoy working for each boss I have ever had.  Mainly I don’t take jobs where I can see possible conflicts with my boss.  But a lot of my friends have awful bosses and bitch about them to no end.  Well now there is a fun way to bitch about your boss, relieve some stored up stress and do it anonymously.  The site is BossBitching, and it’s well worth a visit, even to find out that, hey my boss isn’t so bad after all.  Not only can you bitch about your boss but you can have others vote on whether he / she is as bad or if you should stop complaining.  Be sure to visit the most popular rants, because they are by far and away the funniest. So head on over to BossBitching, and have some fun relieving some stored up stress.