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You want to go to the theater and see the newest blockbuster, before you go, you check out the review.  The critic loved it, you are psyched and your expectations are through the roof.  You go to see it and it sucks.  Trusting one reviewer is tough because you are going to get his or her tastes on films, which may or may not match your tastes.  So how do you get to see a ton of reviews for each movie?  Yahoo? Nope! USA Today? Nope! Rolling Stone Magazine? Nope! Rotten Tomatoes? Ding Ding! you got it!

Rotten Tomatoes is a movie lovers dream. The site has two ratings fresh – good, rotten – bad, then it collates all the reviews in the major publications and websites and assigns a percent fresh rating to each film.  It even has a place to enter your zipcode and you can not only see whats playing near you, but you also can buy tickets if you want.  Really an amazing website and it’s all free info.


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