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Ever sit at your desk and wish you could play music that fits your mood?  I mean if you are feeling down you might want some Depeche Mode, or if you are feeling happy, maybe David Lee Roth style Van Halen is more your thing.  Either way it would be nice to have a continuous stream of music that defines your mood.  Well head on over to Musicovery and define your mood, the music genres you like and  then timeframe you want the music from, sit back and enjoy.  Some of the options you have at Musicovery are:

– Pick the genre

– Pick the decade (or decades if you want)

– Do you want to listen to just hits? non hits? or discover new bands you might like?

– Define the levels of tempo / dance for your techno enthusiasts.

– When you are a member you can define my tightly the music you like and dislike.


See for yourself, I’m sure you’ll find it as entrancing as I, plus it’s fun to see the direction the playlist is going in (each playlist has “roads”).  The roads change when you change the primary song.

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