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OK, how many times has this happened to you? You start going through the paper and you see a review of a concert, that if you had known about you definitely would have been there.  Let’s face it only the big bands get airplay and concert news.  It’s not always easy to find out who is playing where and when.  At least it was difficult until BeeThere showed up.  With searches for almost any city in the country, you can find out who’s playing in your backyard tonight.  Here are some of the search options:

– Search by city (or nearby city)

– Search by venue

– search by date range

– search by band name

The site has links to buy tickets, visit band’s websites, and visit venue’s website. BeeThere is really a one stop shop for your concert needs.

Once again if you ever have a website you want reviewed please email me at chemgod1000@yahoo.com.