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My wife and I, we hate our cell phone provider.  I won’t name names but for us, there doesn’t seem to be any bars near our place.  But we still have 14 months left on our contract.  Our company of course won’t let us out.  So what can we do other then just complain about dropped / missed calls?  Well we can head on over to Cell Swapper, where we can put the remains of our contract out there and see if anyone wants to take over for us.  You might think, why would something like this work, who would want to take over someones contract?  Well think of it this way . . . would you rather sign up for a 2 year deal?  Or take over someones 1 year deal?  Would you rather shell out $175 to cancel your contract? Or pay $about 15 bucks to have someone else take it over?  You can either just take over someones contract, you can try and get rid of your contract or the best of both worlds, you can swap contracts.  Even better, some people offer phones to sweeten the deal.  How cool would that be?  I would post examples but that is a waste of time. Head on over to Cell Swapper and check out what you can do.