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This one is from Valerie from Georgia, The Nathaniel Watson Jr. Foundation. This is a non-profit organization destined to provide essential medical and support services to children with cancer and other catastrophic life threatening illnesses. Personally, I know one family that is going through this now and it’s heartbreaking. What is amazing though is that the children even though they know whats going on with them, deal with it better than the parents and family. This is one of those situations that society would rather not hear about because it is so devastating. I know that when I hear about a child with a life threatening illness my first reaction is one of pity but then I try not to think about it. That’s the wrong thing to do and that’s why I am posting about this website on my blog. This is real folks, and it’s not something that goes away, and you never know when something like this may happen in your very own family. So take a moment visit Valerie’s site and do what you can if not for Valerie and the children her site sponsors, then for someone in your community going through the same thing. OK I’m off my soapbox now, if you have any charitable websites please email me at chemgod1000@yahoo.com.