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Do you like blogs?  I mean really like blogs?  I guess you do because you are here and in the world of the internet, this site is a dust grain on a dead fly.  I really try to make it a great site and maybe one day I may even have over 100 hits (fingers crossed), but until then I will rely on Technorati to send me some visitors.  If you have a blog and you use tags correctly, then you are probably on this site, just search your blog’s name.

This site is a must for bloggers.  The tools are fantastic, they include:

– Hottest current topics

– Hot current tags

– The most popular blogs (broken down into several catagories)

– Top search terms (even if they aren’t in english)

Basically it’s a how to make your blog noticable.  So all you newbie bloggers out there (myself included) head on over to Technorati and learn how to blog to get attention.

By the way please help my blog by making it one of your favorites here.  Many thanks for your help!

Once again please email me your best or unusual web picks at chemgod1000@yahoo.com.


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