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Face it, you have seen it, that guy, the one who has an old <fill in the team> jersey, with a player who no longer is affiliated with the team.  You want to laugh, you want to say, “Hey isn’t that <fill in the deadbeat player>”?  Admit it you’ve done it, well here is a fun website submitted by Gene from NJ, Straight Cash Homie.

 Here is a sample picture:


from the site:

Tim Couch, Cleveland Browns: In light of recent events involving Tim Couch and HGH, we regret to inform this student that they are now wearing a jersey that belongs to a quarterback who is not playing in the NFL for TWO reasons.(Found by Ryan at Ohio University)

Now I may be in the minority but I think this is funny as hell! Visit Straight Cash Homie and have some laughs.  Thanks Gene for the very funny site.

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