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OK, ever been searching for a site that has some truely offbeat stuff? Well your search is over welcome to the world of Fark.

Here is the lowdown:

  • Site is loaded with offbeat news, the news catagories are: spiffy, unlikely, dumbass, silly, amusing, cool, interesting, stupid, sad, scary, asinine and hero. Just reading some of those headings you know the site is going to be fun!
  • Site has photoshop posts a few times a day where they ask the readers to send in their best permutations of the picture, great way to get a good laugh.

The real reason to go to this site is to read about the offbeat humor before it goes to the mainstream outlets like CNN and MSNBC. So head on over and read the FAQ so you understand how the website works.


As always email me with cool sites so I can get them posted. Email me at chemgod1000@yahoo.com