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Funny Site – Face Your Pockets


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faceyourpocketsWebsite Name: Face your pockets

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Why This Website: Sometimes the best websites are also the most basic.  The premise of this site is funny, empty your pockets onto a flatbed scanner, then press your face into it and scan it.  Be careful not to move.  There are hundreds of photos of people and their pocket contents.  This site makes me laugh everytime I see a new photo.  So take the plunge and scan yourself for all of eternity. Example photo below:


Website Review – Wax Heaven


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OK, I know what you are thinking.  Way too many baseball card blogs on here lately.  Well as that is true, this review is more of a giant thank you to the author of Wax Heaven blog. As many of you know I started my sports card blog earlier this week Awesomely Bad Wax, and thanks to Mario for single handedly making my hit counts jump from none to over 200 in 4 days. Wax Heaven is your one stop shop for all things baseball card related.  It’s updated quite frequently, anywhere to 3-4 times a day which is real nice, when you are hoping to find something new to read.  Since it is a WordPress based blog, it’s fairly easy to navigate and his readers leave many comments which is real nice to have on your blog (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).  He discusses everything from prospect watch to eBay auctions to reviewing new card sets.  He is very accessible, I have exchanged emails with him a few times and he takes his time when writing for his blog.  The site is a great idea, and I hope it springboards him to a regular role on the Beckett card site.  Since I know he would love to have that.


Website Review – Gizmodo


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I really meant to review this site a loooooooong time ago, but it always slipped my mind. re you into gadgets? I mean really really into gadgets? If so, then this is definitely your website. Gizmodo, is a blog that chronicles everything new about gadgets on the market. One of the things I am really into is watches, I love high tech and wierd looking watches. Every month or so I head on over to Gizmodo just to see what the latest and greatest is. Also I like seeing what new ideas they have overheard over at Apple, and what new video technology is out. In essence it stuff magazine that updates 3 – 4 times a day and is way more entertaining. If you can think of a new gadget or even if you are curious as to what the next big tech toy is going to be you owe it to yourself to go to Gizmodo and check it out.


Don’t forget to visit my other blog Awesomely Bad Wax.

Website Review – Tumblr


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Now I know what you are thinking, WordPress is not going to like this, but there is another web based blog site out there where you also don’t need to know programming. It’s called Tumblr.  I get a lot of people asking me is it hard to blog? How long do you take out of each day to blog? Is it hard to set up the posts?  The answers are very simple.  It is incredibly easy to blog, sites like WordPress and Tumblr have done all the hard work for you, they have great templates (which you can change if you want), the navigation in the website is a piece of cake and the help sections are fantastic. Tumblr has more templates than WordPress and from what I could tell is even easier to use (if that is possible).  I like the step by step guide in setting up a blog, so much so that I think even my mom could set up her own blog on this.  Not only is it easy to set up one blog but you can have multiple blogs like me (shamelss plug for other blog coming up), my other blog is BadWax. Told you it was shameless.  If you have always wanted to try out a blog and see if it’s right for you, try it on Tumblr.


Blog News 1-7-08

The new top 10 list has been put up, also the reviewed links page has been deleted. I think I am going to revamp that at some point, but it might just be used for the most popular sites. The truth is I haven’t updated it in two months and the list was going to need a second page very soon. Any ideas on how I could make it better let me know.

Also added my Lemonade stand on my promote / support this blog. Please feel free to let me know what you want on there. It doesn’t give me much but at least its something. I tried to put only cheap / good deals on there. So you give to the blog and get something in return 🙂

I have also started a second blog entitled Awesomely Bad Wax, this site will chronicle my adventures in the world of sports card collecting.  Since I seem to only buy awful packs of cards, I thought I would chronicle just how bad each pack was.  I plan to write everyday on this blog as well.

Website Review – Lemonade


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Sometimes you surf the webs and think to yourself, holy crap, that is the easiest idea for a website I have ever seen, why didn’t I think of that? The site I most recently found myself wondering that statement out loud was Lemonade.  When I was a very young chemgod, my friends and I started a lemonade stand on the conor of our street.  We made about 5 bucks a day and even had repreat business.  I still stop at lemonade stands when I can because it gives the kid a thrill to actually have a customer.  The price has gone up since I had one.  Now it’s a buck a cup, instead of our generous 25 cents.  But still it teaches children at a young age, how to run a business.  Unfortunately my friends and I also learned backstabbing and money stealing in the process.  One of the guys, set up his own stand, another one just took the money and ran. 

With this Lemonade stand you pick what you want to sell and keep refering people to it.  I’m hoping that you will go to my stand and buy stuff so I know people care about my website (nice ploy there huh).  But in reality if you go to their homepage you can set up your very own stand and reap the pennies on the product they give you.  What’s cool is that there are millions of products to choose from, so my shop should be changing on a week to week basis.  If there is anything you want me to put on there please email me at  It’s a great website, very simple to navigate and I will update further after a sale is made.


Website Review – Baseball Card Blog


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I am a card collector.  This is not very interesting on the surface, but if you are married, you would understand that this is a big deal.  You see my wife does not like me to “collect” anything.  Basically if it’s mine and it takes up space, it’s bad.  Meanwhile she has a suitcase (I’m not lying here) of scrapbooking tools.  So when I moved in with her and she saw my collection of cards, she told me they need to find a home (meaning: bury them where I won’t see them).  This created the man room in my house.  I took every card worth 50 bucks or more and put them in a bolted down safe.  Then I took every insert card I have ever gotten and placed them in a 2000 card box.  My sets got stacked in the closet.  This left my autographed bats.  I am very compulsive when I get into things and sometime in the early part of this decade every game I went to I had to get autographs, to make matters worse I started getting them on wooden bats.  Now I have almost 20 bats signed and no place to put them other than in a corner of a closet.

This brings me to the Baseball Card Blog.  Since I love baseball cards. I love sharing my points of view regarding them with other card collectors.  Although I haven’t made comments on this site yet, I have to tell you I love the ideas he has for his blog and the reader participation is pretty good too.  I have long wanted to start a baseball card blog up but stopped because, I my wife doesn’t want me to get more cards.  Maybe in this upcoming year I will try and do something.  It probably won’t be a daily blog but we can see what we can do.

Anyways back to the Baseball Card Blog, like I said very imaginative.  Some of the things that I like are the best of checklists. This is called the 792 (amount of cards Topp sets had in the 80’s) and he picks out the best card for each number in the set. Another great bit that is done is the show me your worst cards.  I particularly like cards with bad cuts.  I have to send in my 1960 Mickey Mantle card in pristine condition except for a huge scribble mark on the back (I believe it was someone trying to get a pen to write).  Anyhoo go ahead over there and relive your card collecting youth.